The Digitran®-Heat Transfer-Process

Where Digital Printing meets Heat Transfer Decoration

The Digitran®-Heat transfer-Process starts with electro graphical digital printing of photo realistic images of different sizes and shapes onto a carrier material. This carrier material is coated with a special release coating and gets laterally slit into a proper format and coiled onto handy rolls. Those rolls will be used in our machines for the heat transfer of digitally printed images.

Depending on shape and type of your product, the article and the images will be precisely positioned. By using heat and pressure, the printed image gets transferred onto the article. The image layer itself releases from the carrier material and sticks to the article. After this process, the carrier material can be recycled.

Of particular importance is that the image is physiologically harmless. This was independently tested by an institute and is conforming to the regulations of the FDA. The exact properties of the used toner colors can be found at 

In short: It is a reliable "green" product which can be used with great versatility!


Your advantages:

- personalization, serialization, different images in every batch

- high precision in color to color registration

- high resolution images with a high mechanical resistance

- no color mixing, no cleaning of print stations, no UV drying

- no need for evacuation, air conditioning or clean rooms

- short setup and lead times

- easy to handle film and machine systems

- fast realization of small and mid size orders

- repeatable colors at anytime

- cost effective production of small series and variable data jobs

- Just-in-time-production


Thanks to the close cooperation with our partner iTech-Graphic, who is digitally printing the film, we can offer a total solution for your decoration all together.


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