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Digitran® TRF

Heat transfer machine for the decoration of long, flat articles.

The Digitran® TRF is a fully automatic machine for digital heat transfer decoration on long and flat shaped articles like yard sticks or bubble meters. The machine is designed to be equipped with different infeed and outfeed systems, so that a wide variety of articles can be fed to the machine without problems. It can also be set up for different articles within a few minutes and is easy to be handled by one operator.
The equipment includes a high accuracy registration leading to exact transfers on the bars of a yardstick and can be extended with several special purpose stations.
As a very safe and flexible machine, this machine can efficiently be used for small quantity orders and a wide product range that requieres many changeovers.


♦   fast set-up

♦   precise transfers

♦   easy to use

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Digitran® TRF

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