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Digitran® TRT

Heat transfer machine for decorating cylindrical articles.

The Digitran® TRT is the perfect solution for a fast and safe digital decoration of cylindrical articles that can be put on a mandrel. This machine system, designed and built by KSM uses the advantages of the Digitan®-heat transfer-process to apply photo realistic images with resolutions up to 1200 dpi on to your article.

The rotary design of the machine allows a fast transportion through up to 8 stations. Those 8 stations can be equipped with several modules depending on the customers needs. The infeed and output can be upgraded from easy to use ramps to a magazine or a fully automatic infeed with an output on a conveyor band to simplify the handling even more.

♦   for cylindrical articles

♦   automated revolving machine

♦   high output and security

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Digitran® TRT

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