lipstick, lipstick shell, lipstick hull, tube, skillet, jar, creame tube, cream jar, handcream, bottle, drinking bottle, cycling bottle, plastic bottle, CD, DVD, blu-ray, cap, lit, ruler, yard stick, puck, hockey puck, plate, lunch box, pen, pencil, mug

Digitran® TU

Heat transfer machine for decorating cylindrical (mandrel carried), cylindrical (containers), flat and tapered articles

The Digitran® TU is a universal machine designed by KSM. This semi automatic machine is built to decorate a huge variety of differently shaped articles. It can be equipped with four main toolings. Either a mandrel to decorate cylindrical articles like tubes, an air supported tooling for cylindrical containers like bottles, a servo driven table for flat articles like tablets or boxes and a special tooling for tapered articles like cups. A very high level of adjustability makes a perfect heat transfer of high resolution images possible.

All these features combined in one machine makes this a tool for getting a high level digital decoration into your portfolio.

♦   universal usage

♦   short setup times

♦   compact design

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Digitran® TU

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